Benefits of Service

Great Beverages
Each cup is brewed using fresh ground beans from a local roaster. Ideally you should enjoy a hot beverage with beans roasted within days or weeks, not months or years. Imagine the aroma of fresh ground coffee beans drifting through your business!

Unbeatable Service
We promise personalized service with quick turn-around. We take a personal interest in your total satisfaction!

Happier Customers and Employees
Everyone likes to feel valued and pampered. What better way to do that than to offer a fresh cup of specialty coffee? Show your appreciation with an onsite barista. No more waiting 20 minutes at the nearby coffee shop, they can enjoy a gourmet cup of coffee at work.

No More Wasted Coffee
How much coffee are you dumping out after it sits for hours at a time?
With Oak City Barista each cup is freshly ground on demand, which means no more waste, always fresh!

No More Hoarding
Although the K-Cup systems make a fairly good cup of instant coffee, they lack control. Many businesses report increased costs due to hoarding and home use. The Oak City Barista system is fully enclosed, producing each cup with the simple push of a button.

Environmentally Friendly
There is virtually no trash in our system. There are no filters or plastic K-Cups to dispose of. All our coffee grounds are compacted and saved for composting. If anyone is interested in use for his or her own gardening, just ask.

Cost structure(s)
In most cases there is no contract and you can stop service at anytime. All installations and service is free of charge. All you pay for is the beverages dispensed. We offer multiples pricing options to fit the needs of your business. Contact us to schedule an appointment to see which options are best for you.

Business and locations we service

-Car Dealerships
-Professional Office Buildings
-Service Shops
-Clubhouse or Golf Course
-Education Centers
-Movie Theatres
-Sports Complexes

and any other business that values extra perks for the customers and employees


“Your Gourmet Office Coffee Service Expert”